It is no secret that Angelina Jolie's style has changed a lot to reflect her own life. She has grown to be the queen of edgy yet glamorous, especially in recent years where becoming a mother has allowed her to adapt a more sophisticated style of her own. Check out some of Angelina's style transformations: 

Here is Angelina Jolie at the 6th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards back in 2000 (13 years ago! Yikes!)

The starlet was in her late 20s at the time, although she looks like she was dressed as a edgy teenager. And while part of that is due to the uncomfortably bad fashion of the early 2000s, Angelina Jolie still should have gone with a more sophisticated look. The dark color and fabric of the dress just seems more suitable for a Halloween costume and the shape of the dress does not do justice to Angelina's great body. The nude pumps and pink shawl also completely clash with the dress. Overall, this outfit is a low for the uprising star.

But check out how much Angelina has changed when she attended the premier of her movie In the Land of Blood and Honey in 2011. 

This is totally a much better choice almost 11 years later. She followed the theme of a dark dress, but went with a navy color and softer fabric that looks so much better on her skin. Plus the interesting shape of the dress compliments her form without being boring. Although it is her nude lips and sun kissed locks that make this look extraordinary; it is so simple but still draws the eyes to her face. This is definitely a sign that Angelina's style has grown and matured just as much as her career and personal life. [via Stylebistro]

Check out the gallery for more of "Then and Now" photos of Angelina's fashion.

Lovelies, what do you think of Angelina Jolie's fashion transformation over the years?