I know that a lot of what we talk about here on Lovelyish directs fashion — and accessory — lovers to places where you can pick up cute and adorable items. Like Catbird NYC, or even in your own household with DIY projects. And while I love finding or making the perfect piece to complement a new outfit as much as the next girl, I admittedly have a few pieces of jewelry that I never or at least hardly ever take off because of the sentimental value that is attached to them.

Among them includes an old washer-style silver ring that I wear on the ring finger of my right hand. It was the very first gift my best friend gave to me when we were 13 and it's the exact ring worn by the character Dean Winchester in the first five seasons of the television series Supernatural — the show that initially bonded us together. I even wear it on the same hand as him. I've never taken it off and speaking as someone who has to buy her earrings in bulk from Icings because I lose them so frequently, the fact that I've been able to hold onto something so special that represents the origins of our friendship means a lot to me.

The second, hilariously enough, is also Supernatural-related. When I first got into the show back in 2006 I went out and bought myself a pentagram necklace to not only protect me from the demons portrayed in the series but also as a testament to how much I adored the show that provided me the segue into fandom and the online community I've grown so attached to. Over the years, I've eventually bought all of my closest friends a pentagram necklace — each differing from the next to represent their individual personalities.

So what about you Lovelies? Do you have certain jewelry pieces you are never without?

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