There are few things on this earth that I love more than a red lip and peplum tops — except when they’re put together and paired with a kicking pencil skirt. Naya really nailed this outfit when she appeared at this year’s Paleyfest Icon Award ceremony honouring her sometimes-boss, series creator of Glee, Ryan Murphy. 

Though I love Naya and her character Santana Lopez I’ve at times found her fashion sense to be a bit hit or miss for me, like her disastrous bouffant and prom dress confection at the 2010 Emmys. Which is why this look is such a pleasant surprise for me. Here, Naya really works the lines of this pencil skirt and the added volume of the peplum to her full advantage in filling out her boyish frame. In the past, she’s been quite good at accentuating her bust line (like at the 2011 Golden Globes), but often neglects to pick outfits that will give her the illusion of fuller hips — like at the Glee 3D movie premiere.

I’m such a fan of this Lhuillier outfit that got ripped head-to-toe from the Spring 2013 runway. I especially love that she kept her accessories to a minimum in order to maintain a clean, professional look throughout the ensemble — the white mani/pedi also really helped! To keep the look from getting too boring, Naya vamped up her appearance a bit by popping on a swipe of sexy red lipstick and a pair of sweeping false lashes.

My only complaint is that she left off the cinching belt that was seen on the runway. I think it would have given her that extra bit of definition and aided in the illusion of an hourglass figure. Thankfully the look works just fine without it, but it’s all in the details that can really push an outfit over the top. I also wouldn’t have minded if she’d swapped the runway shoes for a more simple black — or even white — pump since the abstract print of the dress and the interesting lace-up detail of the shoes are at odds with one another and cut her legs a little short.

Lovelies, what do you think of Naya’s outfit here?

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