First off, this doesn't have anything to do with fashion. This has to do with a goal of uniting women across the globe and empowering them. The campaign is called "Chime for Change," and is seeking equal rights for women in three categories: health, justice and education.

The video is narrated by Hayek and features Frida Giannini and Beyoncé as well. There are clips of amazing women everywhere — from Hillary Clinton to Malala Yousafzai — and Hayek eloquently explaining their goal for a world "where every girl has the right to go to school. Every woman has access to the care she needs. And girls and women everywhere are protected and celebrated."

It's pretty powerful stuff.

Beyoncé said in the movement's press release, “I have always felt strongly about equal opportunity for women. Girls have to be taught from early on that they are strong and capable of being anything they want to be. It’s up to us to change the statistics for women around the world. I’m honored to be in the company of women who live fearlessly and set an example for the next generation of young ladies.”

Expect ten short films narrated by Hayek and new music from Bey, as well.

I'm beyond ecstatic about this new movement. Every woman everywhere should should watch this important, meaningful video message. I think these women have done a spectacular job of already beginning to inspire girls and women around the world. I know that I'm already moved and inspired and can't wait to see how Chime for Change evolves and how I might get better involved. [via Nylon]

What do you think of Gucci's new campaign?

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