I'm always on the prowl for new, interesting music. So when I found out about Compressorhead, a band consisting entirely of robot members, I was both vastly intrigued and entertained. The band isn't fascinating merely because it is comprised of robots — it's the fact that they play exceptionally well!

Compressorhead has three members: Stickboy on drums, Fingers on guitar, and Bones on bass. Advertising themselves as "the world's heaviest metal band," Compressorhead expertly covers songs by famous groups such as The Ramones and Led Zeppelin. They have existed since 2008 but haven't gained notoriety until recently when a few of their videos went viral on YouTube.

This past January, Compressorhead played at Australia’s Big Day Out Festival but have yet to announce any future shows (which is a bummer because I would love an opportunity to see them live).

Watch and listen to them below:

What do you think of Compressorhead, Lovelies?

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