I haven't been this excited about a band in awhile, and it's just in time for their debut album. Bastille is a British band from South London. The lead singer, Dan Smith, was born on Bastille Day (a French holiday), hence the name. Besides Smith's powerful and haunting voice, the band's odd covers are also what got me hooked into their music.

This is the first cover I heard and I have to say I didn't even recognize it was this song until more than a minute in. They changed the arrangement, slowed it down, and it feels so much more like the telling of a story this way. Smith says he wants his songs to incorporate aspects of different genres he loves, like hip-hop, indie, pop and folk, and he definitely succeeds in doing just that.

Here's another reason I'm loving these guys: they sound even better acapella. I love hearing the acapella versions of songs. It's such a different sound and it really shows off a singer's skills. It's not easy being stripped bare of instruments and relying only on your voices (and maybe a little hand clapping and beat boxing). Here's my favorite acapella version:

Here's one more cover if you're digging them as much as I am:

Their album Bad Blood comes out March 4 and I am very excited to buy it. If any of you will be going to SXSW, they will be there. [via NMEBastilleBastille]

Have you heard of Bastille, Lovelies?

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