I must confess, after reading about all the common face-washing mistakes I was making, I became a little paranoid and decided to take it a step further with my beauty routine. I’m so glad that I did… yikes! Check out these common beauty blunders after the jump! 

Don’t shake your nail polish.
Although most products come with instructions to shake before use, nail polish isn’t one of them. Avoid shaking your lacquer like a Polaroid picture, lest you want an air-bubble mani. Instead, roll the bottle in your hands to warm and mix the color.

Wear sunscreen every day.
Did you know that the sun can counteract with face serums? To get the full benefits of your face serums, make it a point to wear sunscreen on top of face serums during the day.

Shampoo your scalp, not your ends.
The directions seem simple: wash, rinse, repeat. But you could be shampooing your hair all wrong. First, make sure your strands are fully saturated with water before you start. Then, apply product primarily to the roots and scrub. Avoid piling hair on top of your head as this can cause tangles and dry out your ends. Let the product clean the ends as you rinse, and skip the repeat for a longer rinse.

Don’t use conditioner all over your hair.
Most people (myself included) tend to use conditioner like shampoo; you start at the roots and clean your ends while you’re rinsing it out. Since your roots are the healthiest, newest part of your hair, most of the damage is actually going to be from the middle down to the ends. Apart from wasting conditioner (I go through it like nobody’s business!), you can also be weighing down your hair by conditioning your roots. If you have medium/long hair, start conditioning around your ears and work your way down.

Don’t overmedicate your pimples. 
We’ve all been there. You see or feel a pimple start to creep up, so you apply an acne treatment multiple times throughout the day/night in hopes it will magically disappear the next day. Acne treatments like salicylic acid dry out the skin and it takes time to work itself into your skin. Apply a thin layer once or else you’ll end up with a pimple and dry skin, which can make a pimple look even worse.

Is your heating tool set too high?
If there is smoke coming up from your strands as you’re ironing, your iron is probably set too high. Adjust the temperature to a medium 350 degrees, and always work in two-inch sections or less to get the best results. Using a lower heat setting seems sensible, but if it’s too low, that can also be a problem as well because you’re repeatedly straightening the same strands to get them straight.

Wash your makeup brushes once a week.
I am so guilty of not washing my makeup brushes as often as I should, but once I started, I actually noticed a considerable difference in my skin. Bacteria can grow on makeup brushes, which then gets spread around your face and causes breakouts. Here’s a tip for letting your makeup brushes dry: wrap them in a towel and lay them flat. This will absorb excess oil and won’t damage the fibers.

Do you commit any of these beauty blunders, Lovelies?

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