With all the recent charity donations to cancer research going on on campus, it's good to know that designers, too, are joining in on the fight against cancer.

27-year-old Allana Maiden took action after watching her mom deal with the daily repercussions of her mastectomy. She posted a petition on Change.org asking lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret to create a line of "Survivor" bras for women who have undergone mastectomies because "they deserve to feel beautiful." Within three weeks, Maiden had more than 100,000 signatures.

Maiden even garned attention from Tammy Roberts Myers, the vice president of communications for Victoria's Secret's parent company, Limited Brands. She offered Maiden, along with her mother, the opportunity to talk about the possibility of a "Survivor" bra line. Even though there are bras for women who've survived breast cancer, they're often expensive, hard to find, and generally not as pretty as the bras sold by Victoria's Secret.

Pretty lingerie would help the survivors retain a better body image, particularly after dealing with such a difficult ordeal.

“The designs are beautiful and can do wonders to boost a woman’s self esteem, which is definitely needed after a life-changing experience like breast cancer and major surgery,” said Maiden.


What do you think of the "Survivor" bra Lovelies?

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