The Academy Awards is like Christmas for me (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not). I absolutely love seeing all of Hollywood dressed to the nines as they attend what is supposed to be the film industry's biggest night. What I would love MORE would be to actually attend it one year (life-long goal: win an Oscar), especially because this year, the presenters and nominees get a goody bag to compensate their losses. Presents AND meeting George Clooney?! Now I really wish I was going.

The gift packs include a variety of very exciting, very expensive items such as trips to Hawaii, Mexico, Australia, personal training sessions, condoms, a bottle of tequila, hand-illustrated tennis shoes, and "portion-controlled" dinnerware, a number of different spa packages, as well as a one-year membership to Heathrow airport's private VIP service. And the kids of the losing nominees are welcome to professional circus classes. (Angelina Jolie, why haven't you adopted me yet? College isn't that expensive, you can do it.) The goodies are worth up to $45,000. All they're missing is a dinner date with Ryan Gosling as one of the prize packages and they'd be all set.

Though not associated with the Academy of Motion Pictures and Science, the prize packages the losing nominees will receive are all apart of the Academy's efforts to revamp the award show, starting with the name change.

And henceforth, you shall be known as "the Oscars."

The Academy announced that it's giving its brand a makeover. Since its first broadcast in 1928, the Oscars have been known officially by its annual numbered title (this year would technically be the "85th Annual Academy Awards"). The show will now be referred to by its more informal term "the Oscars," named after the gold-plated statue.


Are you planning on watching the show Lovelies? What do you think of the Academy's decision to rebrand the Oscars?

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