Google apparently wants to get a little more variety in representing the types of people who might like to use their fancy new glasses (i.e. "It isn't just for hipsters!"). There are guys jumping out of planes, ice skaters being twirled around, riders on horseback and models strutting down the catwalk in their new teaser video. And while my daily life isn't as adventurous as these people's, I've got some ideas for what a 25 year old could do with these glasses...

1. Use them to stalk your friends and scare the ever living daylights out of them. You could definitely start an epic prank war that Johnny Knoxville would be proud of. The pranking potential these glasses have is very high.

2. Go to your favorite cosmetics or department store and video chat with your best friend so you can "shop" together. Try on different lipsticks, eye shadows, outfits and all that other good stuff you usually have to decide on by yourself. This is especially great if your one of your best friends lives states away.

3. Take these bad boys out to a club with a packed dance floor. Then record all the hot guys, crazy girls and creepers (on accident!) you dance with. Also, recording how many dorky dance moves you can get your friends to do isn't a bad idea. It will be something fun to watch the next morning.

4. Take them grocery shopping with you. Honestly, this is more exciting to me than taking them to the club. Nothing will be hard to find, looking up recipes will be faster (you can even watch videos to see if you feel like making the recipe on the back of that box!) and you can text your roommate/boyfriend/family members what they feel like eating tonight and to make sure that ingredient is already in the cupboard.

5. Organize a huge game of capture the flag with everyone wearing a pair. Can you imagine the strategizing that's going to go down on the field? How much more challenging and intense it will be? Players might be walking away some form of PTSD.

Personally, I think these glasses are amazing in a science-fiction-happening-in-real-life way. It's too bad they don't come with night vision. Of course, there are many other ways people can you use these glasses that might not be rated PG-13. This will definitely be a game changer as far as home-made videos are concerned.

What would you do with Google Glass?

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