Lately, more and more celebrities have been signing up for the popular phone (and now Internet) application, Instagram. Honestly, it’s a great tool to use.  Using this app allows users to feel like their specialized photographers.  My friends and I are huge users of this program.  There are tons of filters that you can use to enhance your pictures such as Mayfair, Rise, Hudson, X-Pro II and many others.

Celebrities can use Instagram as a more personal way to connect to their fans.  Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Lauren Conrad, Snooki and Selena Gomez are among those that use this program on the regular.  You can see fans appreciate getting the opportunity to see these artists in different elements, (besides magazines) because of the likes and thousands of posts that they leave on the picture. 

Of course there are always imposters out there that pretend to be the actual celebrity and gain attention because of their lying ways.

Recently, two pictures have surfaced on the Internet where Miley Cyrus appears to be in two compromising positions.  The first picture is of her holding her dog with supposed marijuana on the table that she’s standing beside.  The other one is of her supposedly smoking a blunt of marijuana.  Both pictures were posted on her Instagram account, but Cyrus tweeted on her Twitter account that she doesn’t even have an Instagram.

You can see how users would get confused.  Cyrus’ account appears to be her own; I even follow that account because the pictures look too personal for anyone to just find off the Internet.  Now that she’s personally spoken against having an account, it sounds like a mess the singer and actress is going to have to deal with.  I also had my own Instagram adventure in which I couldn’t find an exact person I was searching for.

I tried finding one of the Kardashian sisters and let me tell you it was one of the hardest things to do.  Not only were there tons of profiles, but some of the false profiles appeared to be legit.  I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I almost followed the wrong sister. My roommate came home and she followed the one I wanted to follow.  She gave me her correct username and now I follow the right Kim Kardashian.  

I’m sure I could trick Instagram users into believing I was say, Christina Aguilera.  In the about me section, I would only need to type in “Official Christina Aguilera Instagram” and I would gain millions of followers within days.  Afterwards I would just need to find a credible and personal picture, and voila users would believe I was her.

I think it’d be easier for users to follow celebrities by adding some sort of verification symbol next to their name, similar to how Twitter uses the white and blue checkmark.  Obviously, they wouldn’t have to use the same colors or even checkmark, but something that’ll let us know, this account is legit, don’t follow any other ones. 

Would you recommend for Instagram to use verified accounts or to keep things the way they are now?

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