When I think of the ‘80s, visions of Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club come to mind. While these feel-good comedies are something we all love from the ‘80s, some of the fashion trends from the time are not. These trends went out of style for a reason, but, despite the 30-year gap, ‘80s fashion has come back into our lives in the form of mom jeans and shoulder pads (I know, not the image you wanted). Here are three trends to watch out for. 

1. Shoulder pads

Ah yes, shoulder pads are back, and they are making a comeback in a big way. The bigger and more dramatic the shoulder pads, the more fashionable they are. Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have rocked this trend several times as of late, but personally I don’t see the appeal. Shoulder pads are uncomfortable, and, honestly, they look a little bit unnatural and serve no purpose.  It is impossible to make this blast from the past a current, modern trend. It does not matter how much height you add to the shoulder pads or what shape they are — they should just remain a distant memory.

2. Long gym socks

I can’t even believe I am talking about this as a current fashion trend, but unfortunately it needs to be said. Long gym socks and tennis shoes with shorts is not fashion. Or it shouldn’t be considered fashion, anyways. I have seen countless girls wearing this outfit to class when it’s warm out, and no they are not going to the gym to work out. Please ladies, forget this trend and send it back to the ‘80s ASAP.                                        

3. Mom jeans turned into shorts

Let’s face it: mom jeans were never cute. The shape doesn’t do anything for anyone. And yet the trend has been making its reappearance on young women everywhere, but in a different form — they are cut off into shorts. “Mom jean cutoff shorts” is actually a Google search, which means the trend has already gotten too far. I’ll admit that sometimes, if done correctly, this look is not as bad as it sounds, but the majority of the time it is just wrong.

Here are two trends to try this spring:

4. Neon

Maybe not like in the photo above, but I’m all for a good neon touch to an outfit. Spring and summer neon trends are definitely worth trying, but in a more subtle way than was done in the ‘80s. Neon in the ‘80s was overwhelming with bold patterns of multiple neon colors and the outfits just didn’t flow. But neon in 2013 is much more fashionable. Neon pants, shoes, purses, and tops are perfect for the spring—just not all together in one outfit. I definitely recommend trying this out and adding a pop of neon to an otherwise vanilla outfit.

5. Leggings with oversized shirts

I’ll be the first to admit that I love this trend. Pair a trendy, long shirt with some basic black leggings and cute shoes and you’re ready for any activity the day brings. You just have to make sure your leggings are thick enough (could be a major oops!). This trend is ultra-fashionable, comfortable AND cute.

Which is your favorite and which would you try, Lovelies?

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