Did you know that February is Heart Month? If you’re having a hard time staying active in this cold weather or keeping those pesky New Years resolutions (remember those?), then I have 8 healthy tips to keep your heart feeling awesome

1. Do some jumping jacks every morning.
This simple exercise requires no training, equipment or coordination. If you have trouble waking up, drag yourself out of bed and do some as soon as your alarm goes off. You’ll have a jolt of energy to help keep you moving in the morning…and there are a ton of benefits!

2. Have a 9-5 job? Go for a walk on your lunch break.
When I had my office job, I was always looking for ways to stay active. Since a lot of people in the office took smoke breaks, I would go on “walk breaks” for a few minutes at a time. If I wanted to take a longer walk, I’d pack a light lunch and eat it while I was out walking.

3. Going out to eat? Take the rest of your meal home.
Since most restaurant meals are pretty large, eat about half of your food and take the rest home. Drink water while you’re eating and eat slowly. It turns out that your body tends to be full way before you feel the need to stop eating.

4. Dance!
Pump up the jams and dance! Your sweet moves will get your heart rate up and you’ll feel pretty awesome.

Check out the gallery for more heart-healthy tips!

How do you stay active, Lovelies?

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