Ah, the Internet. Anyone can put anything out into cyberspace — it's total freedom and chaos! Even the silliest of things can be leaked onto the Internet (see: every funny cat video on YouTube ever). Below is a taste of some of the things people are putting out there for the world to see. You'll probably think OMG, WTF were they thinking and then LOL a little bit. You might even be so inclined to share it on Facebook or Twitter. Regardless, these people are probably facepalming right now over the fact that their comments and questions are circulating the Internet for everyone to see.

But I know I've been there and said a silly thing or two via the web. We've all been there in some way and can laugh and hopefully forget about it later on. But that doesn't mean everyone else will let you forget. It's a cycle.

Like I said, the beauty of the Internet.

For more facepalm-worthy remarks, check out the full list. [via Buzzfeed]

Did you make it through the entire gallery without facepalming?

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