Going from a Spice Girl to a fashion icon (and the wife of David Beckham) definitely had a huge impact on Victoria Beckham's style. As she left her Posh Spice days behind her, Victoria went from skimpy, showy dresses to an entirely chic look that suited her much more.

Check out more of Victoria Beckham's fashion evolution: 

Here is an earlier outfit at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks for The Prince's Trust event in 2005. 

Victoria was clearly more concerned with keeping the fabric covering her private bits in this gown. The skimpy cutouts and bright blue and green color are a far cry away from her usual chic and sophisticated clothing. While Victoria is rocking her great body and awesome tan, this dress (and the body glitter) does not suit the former Spice Girl at all. 

Victoria would later show the world her true sense of style at the Vanity Fair and Chrysler celebration of the Eva Longoria Foundation.

Here Victoria takes on a sophisticated, mature style that helped make her the fashion icon she is today. The fitted, blue dress compliments her skin and body very well. The black belt adds focus to her outfit and the tall, black boots are an edgy and cool addition. The entire ensemble is chic without all the crazy colors and tons of skin. This is definitely what Victoria was meant to wear. [via Stylebistro]

Check out the gallery for some more "Then and Now" images of Victoria Beckham's style.

Lovelies, what do you think of Victoria's style transformation?