I'm going to be straight up honest here: I've never had a Valentine. The only chocolate I get on the February 14 is from my dad and I usually only look forward to the day because of all the half-price candy at Target the next day.

I wouldn't say I hate the holiday or that I'm bitter about it, however. I'm a romantic for goodness sakes, just the word "love" makes me melt. Needless to say, my Valentine's Days have always been slightly unconventional, but I've always figured out a way to make the most of my single-ness on a day for couples

Word of advice: Don't ever have a pretend Valentine. Someone will find out. You will be embarrassed. One year, when I was like 14 years old, I bought myself a bunch of chocolates (well actually I gave someone money and told them to buy me chocolates) and told everyone that someone had sent them to me. Backfired to the max. I was a kid, I was dumb, but it sounded like a good idea at the time. I was pretty embarrassed when someone called me out on it, but six years later I laugh about it...after my chagrin fades, that is. I will never forget that day and it's become one of my favorite Valentine's memories. You have to admit, it was pretty hilarious in retrospect.

Another of my favorite Valentine's Day memories occurred in my junior year of High School. My friends and I all exchanged candy and chocolates and small gifts and it was turning out to be a pretty good day (even though I only got one chocolate rose in homeroom from one of my best friends...which we had discussed doing before the day anyway, so I wasn't surprised. I'm not going to lie, walking around the hallways of my high school on Valentine's Day was pretty depressing. The kids in it were pretty over the top and the hallways were always super crowded. There was no way you could get around someone walking around with oversized balloons and big bouquets of roses or avoid running into someone making out passionately by their locker (which was hopefully not by your locker because trying to get the books for your next class would then be really awkward and pretty difficult).

Second period came around and I was minding my own business, getting my books out and watching the news program they played for the first 10 minutes of second period every day when three students walk in with a singing Valentine. I always thought they were cute and got such a kick out of watching them and the reaction of the recipient. And then, my jaw dropped. My Algebra 2 teacher called me to the front of the room. Someone sent me the telegram. Excuse me?! One of my friends sent me one and I couldn't stop laughing really loudly. You haven't seen red until you saw my face at that moment. It was the best!

This year? I'm hunkering down in my PJs watching a romantic movie marathon, which is pretty much one of my favorite things to do ever. Here's to another great Valentine's Day!

Lovelies, what's your favorite Valentine's Day memory? How was this year's Valentine's Day?

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