I, like many of you, get the Etsy Finds newsletter every day. And I often see super-cute things that get my creative juices flowing. I love to get crafty, and sometimes what I see on Etsy inspires me to get my DIY on!

Here are some items to inspire you:

This glitter banner:

LOVE this banner! And there are so many ways to make this your own. Change the saying to something in French! Maybe "bon vivant" or "haute haute haute." Change the glitter color! I'd love to switch between gold and aqua. Change the font! I'd do something with serifs. Try this DIY (don't forget a layer of Mod Podge to keep the glitter from falling everywhere!)

These faceted paperweights:

These are so cute and modern-looking! I'm loving geometric shapes. You could cut fewer facets to make it look even more trendy. I'd love to paint one gold, too! Learn to DIY it here.

These etched spice jars:

I love the font and style of these jars, but you totally don't have to use these for spices! I'm currently using spice jars in my office to hold push pins, paper clips and other small supplies. You could totally use them for buttons, safety pins, or small stickers. Just change the etching on these babies to reflect what's inside, and you're good to go! Try this tutorial.

This fabulous tissue tassel garland:

Isn't this so cute? It adds a wonderful touch of color to a room. It would be really fun to use a printed tissue paper to give it even more character. Use this DIY.

These rustic-cute lanterns:

I'm kind of over mason jars for everything, but I do love these hanging lanterns. Change them up with a coat of paint to diffuse the light from your candles. I think plain white would be great, or a blush pink. Choose your favorite color and get to it! Try this DIY for the hangers and this one to paint the insides of your mason jars.

Lovelies, which is your favorite DIY idea? Which Etsy pieces inspire you?

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