Jennifer Crupi's jewelry goes beyond just an accessory, these works of art create and emphasize some of the common body language we use to communicate with one another!

Crupi was recently featured in the Smithsonian American Art Museum's "40 Under 40: Craft Futures" exhibit, focusing on young artists who are taking daring and innovative approaches to traditional crafts, such as ceramics, metalwork and fashion.

Crupi is interested in jewelry that interacts and changes in relationship with the body rather than just sitting there lying flat. After college, she became fascinated by non-verbal communication through body movement and the way humans utilize their posture and gestures to imply moods and ideas, consciously or not. 

Cupri's metalwork is meant to highlight and enhance these subliminal gestures and make the viewer "consider the impact and meaning of their own posture." 

She also created a series called Ornamental Hands that draws from the repeated imagery of hands in iconic works of art and the beautiful positions it was traditional to paint them in.

Check out more of Jennifer Cupri's posture imitating jewelry in the slideshow below!

What do you Lovelies think of Cupri's body language jewelry? Would you ever wear one of these pieces, or are they better just to look at? Which is your favorite?

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