With the Academy Awards just around the corner—Feb. 24, to be exact—Hollywood will be in a tizzy with who will take home the little golden statue, how will host Seth MacFarlane perform and of course, what will everyone be wearing.

Throughout the years, celebrities have shown us many gorgeous looks and some fashion flops. But if one thing's for certain, for better or for worse, the outfits will definitely entertainment and give us some fashion fodder for days afterward. And really, isn't an awful outfit sometimes more fun than a great one?

Since the Oscars are so close, it's time to revisit 20 of the most iconic red carpet dresses in history (21 if you count Miss Björk at the top). It's just a small taste, so make sure to check out the full list below.

I could go on, but I think I'll let the dresses speak for themselves. [via Marie Claire UK]

What do you think of these dresses, Lovelies? What's your favorite or least favorite red carpet look?

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