Jennifer Lawrence is the newest Hollywood powerhouse. Not only is she kicking butt in The Hunger Games trilogy, but she has definitely impressed everyone with her performance in Silver Linings Playbook (I mean, she got a nice Oscar nomination!) Plus she just ends up looking flawless in almost all her public appearances whether she is a blonde or brunette  wearing sexy cocktail dresses or pretty gowns. It took a lot of time for J-Law to become the amazing beauty and style star that she is, so why not look at her style evolution over the years? 

Just look at Jennifer's appearance at the 65th Annual Venice Film Festival: 

Look how young she looks! The blue color looks great with her skin and her pretty updo and effortless make up makes her look so natural. But the fabric of the gown is too shiny and the cut does not work with her at all. The sash seems to be in the wrong place and does not frame J-Law's awesome body very well. This may have been a pretty good first step, but Jennifer had a lot to learn before she mastered the art of looking perfect on the red carpet.

Just look at how Jennifer Lawrence looked at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards this year:

Here Jennifer takes a shiny, blue gown to a whole new level. The deep blue color compliments her just as well as the lighter blue if not better, especially with her paler skin here.  The dress fits her lean form much better and is much more structured; plus the fabric is not as distractedly shiny. She paired it with pretty waves and old Hollywood makeup. Overall, Jennifer looks gorgeous in this red carpet ensemble as well as all her other recent outfits, showing that she has definitely developed her own sexy style.

Check out the gallery for more "Then and Now" fashion pictures of J-Law.

Lovelies, what do you guys think of Jennifer Lawrence's fashion?

[via StyleBistro]