At this year's Super Bowl halftime show we not only have the incomparable Beyonce to look forward to, but also the heavily rumored and long-awaited reunion of Destiny's Child! But halftime spectators in the past weren't always so lucky...

Over the years, the Super Bowl halftime show has built a reputation for itself as being extremely hit or miss. Either you get a performance like Diana Ross and Prince that brings down the stadium, or you get a Tron-themed Black Eyed Peas performance and an endless Janet Jackson nipple slip controversy.

But that's just recently, in the Super Bowls forty-seven years there have been quite a few odd and questionable performances that the people in charge of the halftime show probably wish would be swept under the rug and out of the Super Bowl history books for good.

Unfortunately for them, video is forever.

Take a look at five of the weirdest Super Bowl Half-Time shows in history.

1. Up With People - 1976

For those who can't get enough of America's thrilling 200 year old history. Not only is this performance insanely upbeat and peppy, but Up With People were asked back to perform three times at the Super Bowl. Personally, I couldn't make it through all ten minutes. At about the point where they started line dancing, the cheesiness overdose fully set in.

2. Elvis Presto - 1989

The Introduction:

The Magic Trick:

This magician/Elvis impersonator decided the halftime show was the perfect time to do the first ever giant 3D card trick on television that could be watched at home with cardboard 3D glasses. It also happens to be the single proudest moment of Bob Costas' life.

3. New Kids on the Block - 1991

There's nothing like singing a beautiful love song to toddlers in "It's a Small World" costumes. Take note boy bands of today.

4. Gloria Estefan - 1992

It's the Frosty the Snowman rap you've all been waiting for. What better way to celebrate winter magic? And remember, this performance "says a lot about all of you."

5. Patti LaBelle, Teddy Pendergrass, Tony Bennett and Arturo Sandoval - 1995

I can never complain about a Patti LaBelle performance, but I can most definitely complain about whoever approved this Indiana Jones themed, vaguely racist set. Also, who decided this needed a Tony Bennett lounge act in the middle of it?

What did you think of these bizzarre halftime shows? Which is your favorite? Are you excited for the Super Bowl or couldn't care less? Are you looking forward to Beyonce singing live and proving the lip-syncing haters wrong?

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