Sunday is a big day for sports fans and an even bigger day for the Ravens and the 49ers. For about four or five hours, large burly men in shiny tights and helmets will throw around the ol' pigskin for the coveted title of Super Bowl Champions. I am not a football fan nor do I know much else besides what a touchdown and interception are, but I can enjoy the event.

Sure, I like to get my game on every once in a while, but there is another big game on that day. Puppy Bowl IX is also taking place that day on Animal Planet! I'm not sure which one to be more excited for. Let's compare, shall we?

Super Bowl:

Puppy Bowl:
Super Bowl:
Puppy Bowl:

And trust me, I'm just as excited as you are to see Beyonce at the Super Bowl halftime show. But the Puppy Bowl has a halftime show, too.

The kitten halftime show!

Maybe they could just combine the two for the most amazing half-time show ever?!

Sure, the Super Bowl has some pretty cheerleaders...but do they beat the Puppy Bowl cheerleaders?


I rest my case.

Will you be watching the Super Bowl and/or Puppy Bowl?

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