I say “pins” because I don’t like the word “brooch.” Something about it conjures up pictures of a cold, stern old woman. This is unfortunate because brooches don’t have to be completely outdated. Maybe they aren’t exactly a clear symbol of the modern woman, but they can totally be adapted in a modern fashion statement. Personally, I believe a fashion pin can turn practically any outfit into one exuding sophistication.

When I was about 10 years old I bought a butterfly pin from Macy’s and ever since, it’s been among my favorite accessories.

1. On A Coat

Wearing a pretty pin on the lapel of a wool coat has to be one of my favorite looks ever. When I was a little girl I used to think that was a sign that you were “grown up.” The sparkle of the brooch gives a cold weather essential instant glamor.

2. In My Hair

Admittedly, this one gets a little tricky because I need to find a way to really secure it in my hair. When I have some fancy event to go to, I’ll pin in a fancy brooch to accentuate an up-do at the back of my head. (You know what else works really well for this? Clip-on earrings!)

3. On My Scarf

I wear scarfs literally all the time in the fall and winter. I’ve found that, however, there are only so many ways you can wear a scarf so that it looks different. My solution for an extra couple of looks? Tie the scarf in the front and stick a pin on where it comes together. It’s like wearing a pretty pendant on top of your scarf instead of letting it hang behind it. Same goes for shawls and Pashminas! 

4. On A Belt

Simple, but great for some added sparkle. Of course, if you have a big, blingy belt buckle, this isn’t necessary, but I like to belt dresses and tunics with fabric belts or ribbons sometimes which is where this accessory comes in handy.

5. On My Bag

Especially in the winter months my bags tend to be dark colored and generally uninteresting. Pinning something sparkly (and preferably purple) on it adds interest and is an eye catcher, if for no one else but myself. Subway rides get pretty boring and this totally gives me something to marvel at and play with as I wish that I had a personal driver so I would never have to set foot on a subway ever again. (It really is a love-hate relationship.)

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