I love black nail polish. I don't love how obvious any chips and wear patterns in my at home manicures are. I also don't have the time to re-paint my nails every night. This leaves me with two options. I can either not paint my nails black or I can get creative. Today minor chips on the tips of my nails were annoying me to no end while I was typing out some notes in class so I did some research and came up with a pretty inventive solution. Sharpie nails. 

When I was in elementary school, the girls were always trying out some crazy faux beauty routine, like the milky pen tattoos that were all the rage in Kindergarten. In fourth grade, I remember the girls in my class trying to get around the no nail polish rule by drawing on their nails. With Crayola markers. It was a mess.

However, I decided to apply the same logic to a look I've been eyeing on the internet for a while, except this time I stepped up my marker game to the level of Sharpies. And here's how it came out!

All I did was take a gold metallic sharpie and colored in the tips where the black base was looking all gross so that the blemishes were no longer visible. To make the metallic part ultra shiny, I applied a quick high gloss top coat to my nails, which also locked in the Sharpie so that it didn't rub or wash off. I think it looks pretty cool. It may not be perfect, but it totally gave my nails a fresh look that will hold me over until the weekend when I, hopefully, have some more time to tend to my manicure skills.

Since now I know this works, I want to try making other nail art with Sharpies. I mean, how cool would it be to draw on pretty pictures with super fine point Sharpies in bright colors on a white background? I'd love to try to recreate some of the nail art designs from the gallery with Sharpies! Can't wait!

What do you think of this nail-art technique?

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