The one makeup item that comes in the largest variety of shades is eyeshadow, which is why it is no surprise why it’s pretty difficult to pick out.

If you have no idea where to start when it comes to eyeshadow shopping or you just want some shades you know will work, I have a few ideas in mind.

While everyone’s skin, eye, lip and hair color is different, there are a few colors that work with any and all combinations of the aforementioned. 

A few eyeshadows that work on (and can greatly benefit!) everyone are as follows: 

1. Peach With A Subtle Shimmer

A softly shimmering peach shadow is an easy way to make any eye look beautiful and bright. I love using a peach toned shadow on days I’m looking tired; it really wakes up my eyes. 

Just pick your shade of peach according to your skin tone: If you’re fair, pick a light peach. If you’re medium to dark a medium peach works great. 

2. Matte Taupe

If you ever find yourself in an eyeshadow shopping situation endlessly pondering “Is this grey? Is this brown? Is this brown-y grey? Greyish brown?” then it’s taupe and you should buy it. 

A matte taupe is a great all-over or crease color for every eye and skin tone, and for fair skin it can even double as an eyebrow powder! Don’t believe me? Try it. 

3. Matte Ivory 

I couldn’t live without my matte ivory eyeshadow because I use it as an all over color, a color to help blend any harsh edges of an eye shadow application, and I even use it in the inner corner and under my eye to brighten things up. 

Even the darkest of skintones can wear a matte ivory for all the reasons I mentioned above, as long as you are using a light hand. 

So there they are! The three eyeshadow shades that anyone can wear. These shadows look great alone, together, or paired with your favorite shadow and liner. Check out the gallery where I posted some images of all sorts of women are wearing these universally flattering shades!

Lovelies, what do you think of these eyeshadow colors? Do you already use and love any of them? 

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