Valentine’s Day might be a few weeks away, but it’s never too soon to start thinking about cute ways to share your love for your friends, family and of course, your Valentine. Unfortunately, when you are stocking up on tons of red and pink candy, it seems that you can never find ways to add a personal touch to your Valentine’s gifts.

Why not try some cute DIY crafts to add something special to your gifts? For instance, this “Heart Attack” idea where you write something you like about your Valentine on a bunch of heart shaped pieces of paper and fill a box with them. Your Valentine will be so happy and flattered! 

These crafty Valentine ideas will show everyone how much you care, plus it will save you so much money! This way you can spread the love to all of your friends and family. Check out more awesome DIY Valentine’s Day ideas! 

Even though you’re not in Kindergarten anymore, it doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun making your own Valentine’s Day cards for your friends and family. Try making these awesome Robot Valentines with some pretty scrap paper. They’re perfect for younger family members and as surprises for your best friends!

To make this, start by wrapping a mini chocolate bar with some patterned scrap paper and glue it together. Then, trim a ¼” strip of gray cardstock, run through a paper crimper and trim into arms and legs. You can also fold the strip over and over to get the same “crimped,” robotic look if you don’t have a paper crimper. Cut a circle from gray cardboard and punch a hole right through the middle of the circle. Cut the circle in half and glue it to the arms to create the U-shaped hands. Cut out another circle from gray cardboard and cut it in half and glue it to the legs. Since the head does not have to be a perfect square or rectangle, cut out the shape by hand and add smaller rectangles for the bolts on the side of his head and for his neck. Glue the entire robot to a patterned piece of cardboard. Then, add a googly eyes, a smile and a heart cut out of cardboard or felt. This is a totally fun project that you can decorate any way you want.

If you want to give something way more personal Valentine’s Day card, then try giving the gift of your face! No, really!

This is an adorable way to give a large lollipop in a way that your Valentine would definitely remember. Just take a picture like the one above, or you can try other poses: with your fist held out to the camera so it looks like you are holding the lollipop or with your teeth put together like you are holding the lollipop through you mouth. Add some hearts, effects like making it black and white, and a Valentine’s Day greeting in Photoshop. When you print out the picture, just use a sharp pointed scissors to create slits for where you want the lollipop to be held. Use some scotch tape on the back to make sure the lollipop stays in place. Such a cute idea for kids or for grown ups who want their Valentine to remember their card!

Who doesn’t love fortune cookies? Here’s a cute way to give “Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies!”

Mix these in with candy and other Valentine’s Day goodies in a Chinese take-out container to brighten up anyone’s day; you can leave nice messages and “love fortunes” to add a nice little surprise. These are perfect for “Secret Admirer” gifts since you can leave messages like “Love is closer than you think.” To make these, print and trim a piece of patterned paper in Valentine’s colors and fold it in half without creasing. Pinch the corners together so they make a dent in the middle, but make sure you don’t completely fold the paper. Glue the center together to create the fortune cookie shape. Once you get the shape and the glue dries, insert your own personalized fortune and there you go!

These are all super easy ways to create amazing Valentine’s Day gifts and cards for the special someone in your life! They are so much fun to make and are much more personal than buying a pack of cards from your local greeting card store. Check out the photo gallery for more cute Valentine’s day ideas!

Lovelies, which DIY idea do you want to try for Valentine’s Day?

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