Celebrities are constantly trying to convey that they're just like us, but every time the Kardashians put out another reality show or Forbes Magazine releases their list of the highest paid actors, I want to disagree. While celebrities do eat, sleep and go to the dentist like everyone else, they aren't quite like us, are they? (For example, where's my leading role opposite Bradley Cooper?) While they are just people, they've always seemed to be a different breed.

Chris Buck, a New York-based photographer, has snapped some images of celebrity dopplegangers doing "normal" things in a portrait series titled, "Isn't." The photos are funny, yet make you think about whether or not celebrities can really consider themselves just one of us.

Sure, I drink Starbucks too, but I don't think that necessarily puts me and Bono on the same playing field.

Yes, being a celeb definitely has its perks, but I think not being one does as well (mainly no paparazzi following you around). Famous of not, I think these lookalikes will have to tell more than just a few people that, "No, I'm really not famous." I seriously thought that some of these photos were of the actual celebs themselves, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Check out more from Chris Buck here.

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Do you think these dopplegangers look like the real deal? What's your opinion on 'celebrity'?

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