Miley's hair isn't the only thing to have made a drastic change over the years; the star has had huge fashion transformations as well! While Miley started out on Hollywood at the age of 12, she definitely grew as an actress and singer as well as a fashion icon. Her earlier outfits were perfect the rising tween star, but her style has definitely grown and reflects the sexy young woman she has become. Check out some of Miley's fashion transformations: 

Just check out how adorable Miley looks at the 8th Annual Teen Choice Awards (8th Annual? You must feel old now!)

The polka dots, long necklace and red shoes are actually a perfect, casual outfit for one of Miley's earliest red carpet moments. It definitely reminds us of old, girly outfits when we were 12 and 13, but still shows that Miley was totally embracing her youthful, fun sense of style. Plus her flowing, half-up hair and natural face just leaves her looking amazing.

But Miley definitely takes casual wear to a whole new level in this outfit she wore while meeting fans in Madrid:

I am a sucker for leather pants, but they are usually a huge miss unless you pair them with something simple and soft. And that is exactly what Miley did! The airy, girly blouse adds the right amount of sweetness to the whole outfit. Plus her jewelry and luscious blonde locks give her ensemble a bit of a boho feel. This is a far cry from her adorable polka dot and jeans look 4 years ago; Miley just proves her style has grown just as much as she has!

Check out the gallery for more "Before and Then" looks from Miley.

Lovelies, what do you think of Miley's grown up style?

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