There has been a lot of critical buzz over Silver Linings Playbook, which has earned many Academy Award nominations, including Best Actor for Bradley Cooper and Best Actress for Jennifer Lawrence (not to mention that J-Law won a Golden Globe for her role too.) However, the film has not been doing as well commercially and hasn't even hit $100 million dollars!) But recently a 12-minute featurette was released about the movie starring its extremely talented cast: 

If you are still not convinced about watching the movie, just take a look at this video, consisting interviews, clips and behind the scenes shenanigans from the cast and crew. Not only do you get a better look at the production of the movie, but also about how the cast felt about being a part of it. Just take a look:

It is nice to see Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper open up about their characters, their relationship and about how wonderful the cast and crew were. If this behind the scenes video doesn't get you to want to watch the film, nothing will!

Lovelies, have you seen Silver Linings Playlist? What did you think of it?

[via Zimbio]