Lady Gaga performed at the Inaugural Ball on Monday, and as usual, her outfit was beyond over-the-top. We all know she's not the type to dress it down or try to fit into any mold. Personally, I think she managed to make it work in her own Gaga-esque way.

I feel like she tried to be a little more classy and formal in wearing white, but it's Gaga... So is it really that surprising that, although her dress was totally a normal color, there was enough fabric and embellishments on that gown to make at least 3 more dresses? That not to say the gown wasn't absolutely beautiful in a "couture runway wedding dress, could never wear in real life" sort of way. Check out the entire look under the cut.

[via Huffpost]

Here is a little bit of her performance from Monday!

What do you think, Lovelies? Hit or miss?