Let’s face it, we all don’t look absolutely picture-perfect every minute of our lives, but we also don’t have professional makeup teams that are paid to make us look flawless. And while most of these celebs look unrealistically beautiful most of the time, they still get caught with some pretty big (and hilarious) make-up “Uh ohs!” Check out some of worst celeb makeup looks and avoid these disasters for yourself: 

Sometimes makeup looks fine in the mirror but awful under the bright light of the photographers’ cameras, which was a lesson Teresa Palmer had to learn the hard way when she turned up looking pasty at the Warm Bodies Premier:
It is pretty obvious that Teresa’s makeup artist was trying to make her eyes look brighter, but the powder-y, white make up could not escape the flashing of the cameras. This mistake is pretty disappointing because Teresa is so pretty and the rest of her makeup looks simple and sweet, but hopefully, next time we can see Teresa show off her great features at her next appearance.

It is no secret that Leighton Meester is gorgeous, but even she has her bad days, like this purple and red makeup mishap:
The first rule in make up is that if you are going for a dramatic eye makeup, then put away your boldly colored lipsticks and pick up a nude gloss instead. By combining red lipstick and over-the-top purple eye shadow, Leighton ends up looking more like a clown than the classy lady we all know she is. Just choose one next time!

Even Leighton looks like a princess compared to her former costar, Taylor Momsen, who ended up looking like bride of Frankenstein during her extremely edgy phase in 2010:

The former Gossip Girl was in the middle shaking her sweet Jenny persona and was not to concerned with looking classically pretty, despite being one of the prettiest girls in Hollywood. And this was definitely the worst of her makeup appearances. The fleshy-pink eyeshadow and grimy red-colored lipstick leave Taylor looking like a zombie bride and not a talented actress and musician. Taylor is still rocking edgy, rock-and-roll makeup nowadays, but it is nice to see that she left these atrocious colors and home in favor of ones that are still dramatic but at least look nice on her.

Check out the gallery for some more terrible celeb makeup looks!

Lovelies, which makeup look do you think is the worse?

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