With her amazing cheekbones and thin figure, it is no secret that Kate Moss, who recently turned 39, is one of the most legendary supermodels in the fashion industry. Starting her modelling career when she was only 14, Kate has always been a fashion icon and nothing has changed in the past 25 years. And while everyone wishes they can look like her when they are 39, I think it is time to look at her best fashion moments in the past couple of years: 

The outfit that tops the list are her classy, pastel pink pants and simple black shirt that she wore while walking around the streets of London:

The pants are pretty and eye-catching without being over the top, which is perfect for a regular day of eating at a nice restaurant. Plus the texture and fit of the pants work for Kate's small frame. And pairing it with simple, black pieces allow it to be the center of attention.

Although my favorite outfit has to be her snakeskin dress that she wore for a dinner date with her hubby:

I am normally not a fan of snake skin at all! But Kate's dress is the right amount of snake skin that is not overpowering; the print and the texture still remain classic and the cut of the dress frames Kate well. Plus the white blazer adds the perfect amount of structure to the outfit and tames down the bold print.

It wouldn't be a Kate Moss fashion article without showing an image of Kate looking stunning on her wedding day:

Besides the fact that she looks like a happy, blushing bride, Kate looks drop dead gorgeous in her simple yet elegant wedding gown. It is airy and pretty, which is a nice drift from Kate's usual edgy look. The pretty fabric and intricate design on the bottom is perfect match for the pretty outdoor atmosphere.

Check out the gallery for more of Kate's best fashion moments!

Lovelies, what do you think of Kate's style?

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