I for one am very stoked on the upcoming release of Oz The Great and Powerful. The Wizard of Oz is a childhood favorite for many, and I'm not excluded from that. I'm really excited to see this new take on a classic storyline.

Then Urban Decay Cosmetics comes along and gets all themed up with it and I can hardly contain myself. Wizard of Oz + Makeup = happiness overload.

On January 25th, Urban Decay is releasing two palettes inspired by witches Theodora and Glinda of Oz The Great and Powerful. Each contains eight new and exclusive eyeshadow shades, a mini waterproof eyeliner and a high gloss lip pencil.

Theodora's palette features a lot of earthy tones and what looks to me like an eyeshadow emulation of the yellow brick road and Emerald City! It also comes with a black eyeliner and red gloss pencil.

Glinda's palette is packed with soft, ethereal, feminine shades of eyeshadow, a purple waterproof eyeshadow pencil and a pinky-nude lip gloss pencil.

I'm a little torn... I love the eye shadow shades from Theodora's palette, but I would prefer Glinda's lip pencil.

Check out the gallery for a closer look at these palettes!

Lovelies, are you excited for the release of these palettes? Which palette do you prefer?

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