2012 wasn't the best year for Amanda Bynes. Not only was she involved in a series of vehicular mishaps (all of which were all her fault), but tabloids were reporting that Bynes' public behavior was becoming increasingly erratic. However, the former Nick star has managed to stay out of the spotlight in the past few months, leading fans to hope that she's getting her life straightened out. In fact, the only real activity we've seen from Bynes lately is her new Tumblr...where she posted a photo of her fresh facial piercing!

Yep, that's a cheek piercing that Bynes appears to be sporting! While I'm sure it hurt like crazy, I think it's pretty cute! (Though I'm seriously in love with my nose hoop, so I usually stand by most piercings.) No story yet on what prompted Bynes to go under the needle, but I'd certainly like to hear about it!

What do you think of Amanda's new piercing, Lovelies?

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