Face tattoos, to me, seem like a quick way to not only regret your decision a few years, or even weeks, down the road, but to also guarantee that people will permanently make presumptions about the type of person you are, regardless of your real personality. But such does not seem to be the case for the celebrities amongst us.

Celebrities seem to be exempt from this general law of face tattoos, at least in their own minds. Facial tattoos for many in the public eye are just another way for them to differentiate themselves and express their tough persona, making this a particularly popular option for rappers of all kinds.

Lil Wayne probably has some of the most immediately recognizable and extensive face tattoos in Hollywood. Over the past decade or so, Lil Wayne has gotten ominous red teardrops, a cross, the Saints football team symbol, "I am Music" over his right eye, the words "Fear God" across his eyelids, glow in the dark stars next to the word "Misunderstood," a tribal symbol under his left eye, and now his newest addition, the word "Baked" across his right forehead. Let's not even get started on all of the ones covering the rest of his body.

But celebrity face tattoos aren't always as extreme as Wayne's or Zombie Boy's above, they can run the full gamut. From Kat Von D's dare I say tasteful (at least, in this round-up) smattering of stars, all the way to Gucci Mane's consistently hilarious and unexplainable ice cream cone shooting lightening bolts.

It reaches a point, however, when you have to say how much is too much? When the images of the tattoos start to run together, becoming indistinguishable, it just looks like a chaotic mess, not intentionally placed images of personal expression. Besides the fact that they completely distract from whoever the actual person is and their talent. Although, as you'll see in the slideshow below, many of these celebs get more attention and fame because of their face art than from any actual talent they've ever possessed.

But, then again, this man is running for President in the Czech Republic, so maybe facial tattoos aren't considered to be as crazy and taboo as they previously were?

How do you Lovelies feel about face tattoos? Are there any you've seen that you liked? What do you think of these celebrity's ink? If you had to get a face tattoo what would it be?

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