Kate Upton is moving swiftly upward in the fashion world. In less than a year she's gone from a pretty girl doing the Dougie in a viral YouTube video to a beautiful model who has been featured in countless high-end photo shoots. In fact, there are even rumors that she'll be covering Vogue in upcoming months! Even though I'm sure that feature will be stellar, Upton stars in a breathtaking, 60s-inspired spread for V magazine this month. Check it out by clicking here!

One of the nicest things about seeing Upton take the spotlight is that she doesn't have your average model's body. Sure she's thin, but Kate is definitely curvier than most of the women we see on the runways. The fashion world has become much more accepting of "bigger" models in recent years (though they're still far from featuring all body types), and it's nice to see someone over a size 0 get all this attention. Now if we could just start focusing on the 4s, 6s, 8s and up! [via V]

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