As someone who struggles with damaged hair, I always notice when someone's hair looks especially healthy. Recently, I noticed that my friend's hair was looking particularly luminous. After discussing her new hair routine, I learned about the "no-poo" method.

According to Wikipedia, "'no-poo' is a collective term for methods of washing hair without commercial shampoo." Used once or twice a week, a baking soda and water mixture replaces a traditional shampoo, and an apple cider and vinegar mixture replaces conditioner. The supposed effect is to restore the natural oil balance to the scalp by eliminating harsh detergents from your regimen.

In trying to determine whether or not I should make the switch, I made this list of pros and cons with my "no-pooer" friend:

-Healthier hair
-Chemical free
-Elimination of dandruff
-Materials for "no poo" are inexpensive
-Less frequent washing saves time
-Reduces oil in scalp
-Mixing the ingredients takes time
-Adjustment period may be oily and uncomfortable
-Vinegar "conditioner" doesn't detangle
-No clean/fresh smell after a shower

Lovelies, have any of you ever tried the "no-poo" method? What do you think-- should I give it a whirl?

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