Growing up, I always thought my parents were way overprotective. I mean, they wanted me to have a curfew? And to know where I was at constantly? What-ever! But now that I'm older, I can easily see that their "overprotectiveness" was simply good parenting, and I'm sure I avoided a number of bad shenanigans thanks to their eagle eyes. Nonetheless, it was nice when I got to go off to college and be completely responsible for my actions (and their consequences), good or bad. But one woman's parents didn't ease up when she went away to fact, they literally stalked her! 

According to the source, things got pretty crazy for Aubrey Ireland when she went away to college:

[Aubery's] parents, David and Julie, would regularly drive 600 miles from Leawood, Kansas, to Ohio to make unannounced drop-ins at her school...They became over-involved in every facet of her life, Ireland told the court, going so far as to "inform" the head of her department that she suffered from serious mental issues....Ireland says her parents accused her of drug use and "promiscuity," and even installed keylogging software on her computer and cellphone to keep tabs on her social life."

After all the extreme stalking, Aubrey took action and filed a restraining order against her parents...and the courts sided with her. Now the Irelands are legally forbidden to come within 500 feet of their daughter, and they aren't allowed to try and make contact with her before September 23, 2013. By then she'll be well out of school, so any further craziness shouldn't interfere with her academics. Though let's hope the parents simply took a hint and won't go to these extremes again! [via Gawker]

What do you think of this restraining order?