Now with the holidays over, it is time to look at the best and worst celeb outfits from this week. While everyone was busy with the holidays, there were some all-stars who rocked great outfits and others, not so much. Just take a look at Beyonce here doing last minute shopping with Jay Z on Christmas Eve, and looking fabulous while doing so. Everyone probably wishes they got Beyonce's wardrobe for Christmas, but her cute patterned dress, black tights, chic coat and oversized bag was just the perfect outfit for the holidays. Her cool sunglasses brings the outfit together and brings the right amount of flair. Also, I am loving the bun on top of her hair; it is both stylish and polished which is great for a last minute shopping trip.

Beyonce's look this week is definitely one of my favorites, but be sure to check out more holiday outfits here! 

Kylie Jenner and Shake It Up's Bella Thorne were spotted after having lunch on the 22nd, and both were look extremely adorable.

Kylie is rocking a rock-and-roll t-shirt with black leggings and cool leather boors, but I think her red bag is what makes the whole outfit and adds the right amount of pop to her outfit. But not going to lie, I am totally digging Bella's silver jeans and I even like her funky metallic booties; they add the right amount of style to her casual outfit and totally fits her edgy style. I am also adoring the pink tips in her orange hair. These teenage stars were definitely one of the best dressed this week.

Now for some of the worst outfits of the week, and the first winner is unfortunately Ashley Tisdale who was seen on December 21st, rocking a very "hobo chic" outfit.

But it seems the former Disney star is looking more "hobo" and less "chic." While distressed jeans and faded tee are great pieces for any closet, putting them together and adding a baggy, worn-out coat just leaves the outfit looking too casual and tired. Maybe switching to a more form-fitting coat, a prettier shirt or adding some cuter accessories (like a cuter hat or a scarf) would have made Ashley look a little put together. Although, I have to admit that I am loving her studded boots, which would definitely look better in a outfit that seems less lazy.

Last but not least, the worst outfit of the week has to go to Mariah Carey who was spotted in Aspen shortly before Christmas.

Although Mariah's curvy bod looks good in almost everything, even she cannot rock this all plaid maxi skirt. And the huge belt isn't doing much to help the situation. The pattern is a bit too overwhelming, especially in the form of a full-length skirt, nor does the outfit do Mariah's body justice. This is definitely the biggest "don't" outfit of this holiday season.

Lovelies, what do you guys think of the celeb's holiday outfits?

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