I don’t know about y’all but I would definitely not be sad to see some sunnier, warmer weather around here. I am doing my best to stave off winter blues and as ditsy as it sounds, brightly hued lipstick has been my saving grace. 

I have five go-to’s that I can depend on to make me look brighter and more awake and put me in a good mood any time I look in the mirror. 

1. Lady Danger by MAC

This Neon red matte is an essential to your red lip wardrobe! I also love this one because it stays in place FOREVER.

2. Schiap by NARS

Honestly, I’ve never been the biggest pink fan, but when basically everyone ever began raving about this color I had to try it. For some reason this hot pink looks amazing on everyone. 

3. Flare by Illamasqua

I know, it’s bright orange. Trust me, it’s amazing. This one stays put also!

4. Jenna by Bobbi Brown

A darker orange than Flare, this formulation has a matte finish but creamy texture. I’m not sure it gets much better…

5. Violetta by MAC

What can I say? MAC has an incredible bold lipstick collection! Purple just happens to be my favorite color and if you’re gonna wear it, why not go all the way? This bright purple is out of control. 

Lovelies, what are some of your favorite bright lipsticks? 

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