No one likes waking up with puffy eyes. But, alas, it's happened to us all after a night of sleepless study or (more likely in my case) a night of partying too late on the dace floor. There are plenty of supposed remedies for looking slightly less crappy when you miss out on sleep: tea bags, cold spoons, serums, makeup...the list goes on. But what's the scientific reason we look tired, and is there a way to avoid it? Actually, there might be!

According to science, those bags have lots to do with two factors: water and the way you sleep. Let a smart person explain:

[Puffy eyes are] an accumulation of body fluids. When we sleep, we "distribute water in the body" that we haven't peed out during the day. If we don't sleep (on our backs or sides) the water pools beneath our eyes and makes us look like we got punched in the face.

Another benefit of sleep is that it makes us less stressed. And when we're stressed, we lose collagen in our faces, which make them age. While that last bit of information may not be exactly shocking, I doubt you knew about the whole "magic water pouches under your eyes that need time to empty every night" thing. I sure didn't! It's always good to be reminded of why sleep is so awesome, and this is definitely going to make me hit the hay a little earlier tonight. (And I definitely won't be sleeping on my stomach.) [via Jezebel]

What did you think of this information? What position do you sleep in? How much sleep do you get on average per night?

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