What's not to love about Pinterest? For me, Pinterest serves as an infinite source of amazing recipes, home decoration ideas, and most importantly make-up tutorials!

There are some amazing, comprehensive tutorials on Pinterest that show you all you need to know in just one picture. Below are five of my favorites!

I love these pins because not only do they show you how to achieve your desired look, but exactly what tools you will need to achieve them. So important!

1. The Everyday Eye

FYI: They are applying individual lashes using Duo lash glue and tweezers in the second-to-last photo.

2. The Red Lip

The pictures in which you see a large, fluffy brush means they are applying translucent powder... such a great idea!

3. How To Contour

Hey, that's LC!

4. Perfect Eyeliner!

5. Gold Glitter Eye

Is this not perfect for the holidays?

Lovelies, what are your thoughts on these tutorials?

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