Whether or not you've ever heard her music, you probably recognize the name Cat Power to some degree. The singer/songwriter has found serious indie fame with her crooning voice and haunting melodies, and if you ever need some great rainy day music, look no further. But even though her tunes may be somber and deep, it doesn't men the woman doesn't have a great sense of humor. Need proof? Just check out this hilarious video where Cat Power performs some...unconventional versions of children's songs for a class.

Yeah...I'm not very good with kids, so I imagine that any "music time" I would have with a class might end like this. In all seriousness, though, it's awesome to see an artist known for her somberness branch out and do something hilarious with her art. Actually, Cat Power is infamous for having some onstage meltdowns...and then making self-deprecating jokes about them later on. There's nothing I respect more than a good self-deprecating joke. But in the end, all I hope is that she got some of that darn pudding. Maybe that will brighten her mood and make for some interesting new albums. [via Stereogum]

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