Most beauty experts will tell you that if you want to know all the best beauty secrets, just ask a drag queen... which is exactly what I did when I saw one sporting this amazing Dorothy's-red-slippers-esque glitter lip.

This is the most beyond perfect look for a holiday party! Oh, and did I mention it takes less than two minutes? I will now divulge exactly what she told me! 

All you need is some red lipstick and red glitter. I definitely recommend using cosmetic grade glitter such as MAC's. It will be much more comfortable to wear and will stay in place much better. 

First, just apply the lipstick as you typically would. Using a lip liner first certainly wouldn't hurt. Then dab a finger in the glitter and press it on top of the lipstick until its fully covered. Clean up around the edges using a q-tip if necessary and you're done! Make sure you take your lipstick AND glitter with you for touch ups. 

I think this look is incredible with an otherwise nude makeup application like the one pictured up top. If you're feeling bold, wear it with full drag! You know I'm not judging. 

Lovelies, what do you think of the red glitter lip? What's the best beauty secret you've ever learned?

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