A coworker was playing some music at work one day. As soon as I found myself nodding my head along to the music, I immediately knew I had to ask who this guy rapping at the speed of light was. I'm sure you know the feeling when you must know the artist behind the song. Good music is like good ideas; you have to stop what you're doing and write it down. So I asked my coworker to tell me who was playing; turns out it was Krizz Kaliko.

Samuel William Christopher Watson, a.k.a. Krizz Kaliko, is a singer/rapper from Kansas City, Missouri. He collaborates most of the time with his friend Tech N9ne. Kaliko has an interesting style, but I think I just really like his lyrics and voice. He looks crazy and he's not afraid to talk crazy; by that I mean, speak his mind, from the bigwigs in the music industry to his experiences with women. My favorite song has an almost boogie-woogie beat to it, reminding me of the 1950s. And the second song has a little gothmetal vibe to it. He's referred to his work as "musical gumbo," and you can totally hear that in his music. Give these songs a listen and hear for yourself.

"Kali Baby" - Krizz Kaliko

"Dancing With Myself" - Krizz Kaliko

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