Can you believe how long it has been since Freaks & Geeks had that incredible (and much too short) 18 episode run?! 13, nearly 14 years?! Whoa. I watched it when it aired originally and loved it then, but when I re-watched it on Netflix recently… I fell in love all over again. I connected more, I don’t know, it was different the second time around. Better even. This show was perfect in so many ways.

Recently, the cast reunited in a shoot for Vanity Fair, and it is amazing. Yeah, I know that a majority of this cast is still pretty active in the acting community… James Franco is just not the same without Busy Phillipps hanging off his arm, and even though Martin Starr was hilarious on Party Down, nothing will ever top Bill Haverchuck. In my opinion, at least. Check out some of the photos from the reunion below, then check out the gallery for some then & now photos!

OMG. Both Busy Philipps and Linda Cardellini have beautiful daughters now!! Cuteness!!

Did you watch Freaks & Geeks? What about Judd Apatow’s other show Undeclared?

See more photos from their reunion on Vanity Fair!

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