If you sing on YouTube, talk on Youtube, practically subsist on YouTube... you might as well break up on YouTube. And when you're Jonathan Mann and fancy yourself the "Song A Day Mann" of YouTube glory, this installment could be your most emotional song to date. Mann has spilled his heart (daily) all over the YouTube interface for years, so it's only fitting that his five-year relationship with Ivory King made it's bittersweet farewell through the magic of song on the video-sharing website. Does a good, healthy break-up truly exist? Watch the cute, saddening but mature video of two lovers parting ways after the jump.

The couple plans on dealing with this break-up in a mature way - accepting it, telling others to accept it and moving on. They couldn't agree on a major issue that determines the future of most long-lasting relationships, but they can't let negativity and emotional hardship get the better of them.

Here's a snippet of the song, summing up their strong mission to get through this:

And breaking up's a mess
So please be there for us
You don't have to choose
Though it'll be awkward, yes
Invite us to your parties
We will work it out
Don't feel weird
We love all of you
After 5 whole years
By each other's side
There are just somethings
No relationship can survive

Many things ran through my head while I watched this video:

1) Jonathan looks like the oddly attractive James Frain (Forney from Where The Heart Is, Franklin from True Blood, Cromwell from The Tudors (!!!).)
2) I don't know these people at all, yet I am rooting for their love! You guys "mesh well". Why can't you work it out, complete strangers?! For my sake?!
3) How refreshing to see the tables turned on baby mania! It's certainly sad to see it fissure a loving relationship, but I as a no-baby-wanter myself, I'm glad more and more women aren't budging on where their family planning stands.
4) Is this totally progressive or just attention-grabbing fodder? Is this a simple, quick and painless way of announcing a break-up and answering the questions they're bound to be faced with? Or is this another notch on the narcissistic online presence meter, sharing every single piece of their personal life and equipped with twee overload?

What do you guys think of this music video? Would you consider this approach yourself? How do you announce a big break-up?

[via Jezebel]