Sometimes, particularly when cuddling with my cat at night, I like to look at these Tumblrs and imagine which of these guys would also like to cuddle with my cat. Here’s a list of Tumblrs for you single ladies (or you ladies who can appreciate a good Tumblr; oh yeah, and hot guys).

1. Your LLBean Boyfriend – The models in the ads for LLBean tell you sweet nothings and build you tables.

2. My Dageurreotype Boyfriend – Dreamy photos in sepia and black and white of civil war soldiers and bohemian poets (they have a calendar now!).

3. Hot And Busted – Okay, not a Boyfriend Tumblr technically, but still pretty funny to see hot guys in their mug shots. There’s even a couple celebs up.

4. Nerd Boyfriend – Pictures of nerdy guys from real life and the movies. What’s really cool is the fashion galleries underneath the photos, in case you want to buy any new clothes for your real bf.

5. Your Hipster Boyfriend – The most gratuitous pictures of male hipsters. Enjoy.

Which boyfriends do you lovelies prefer?

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