A couple of months ago I read how extra virgin olive oil is wonderful for your skin, serving as a great moisturizer, exfoliator and also helps skin to retain elasticity. 

Me being me, I decided to try it out without any further research. Standing in my shower, I poured the oil all over myself. And for fear of not using enough, I promptly went through about 1/4th of the bottle. I started worrying when I turned on my shower and my body simply deflected the water. I scrubbed myself raw until I slipped on my butt. Luckily, with the exception of a couple of bruises making it difficult to stay seated for too long, no further injuries occurred.

To spare you of this same olive oil fate, I am bringing you some practical uses of olive oil that will be rejuvenating, rather than a safety hazard. 

Brown Sugar Scrub

For this scrub, use half amount brown sugar to full amount of olive oil. If you are only wanting to scrub your hands or feet, use about one to two tablespoons of sugar. Rinse with warm water.

Grape Cleanser

In a blender, mix one cup of mashed grapes with one tablespoon of olive oil. You can also add a dollop or two of yogurt if you so choose. Just use it like a regular face wash by massaging the mixture onto your face and rinsing with warm water.

Hair Softener

This one is simple. Before your shower, simply pour a quarter size amount of olive oil onto your palm. Using your hands, distribute the oil into your hair (working from the roots to the ends) and finger comb it through your hair. Shower as usual and when your hair dries, it will have renewed shine and moisture.

Bath Oil

This particular mixture takes some more ingredients, but the results are totally worth it. In an empty bottle (recycle plastic soda bottles?), pour a tablespoon of olive oil, one tablespoon of almond oil, and one half tablespoon of grapeseed oil. Last but not least, add ten to fifteen drops of essential oil into the bottle. Put the top on and shake until satisfied. Add this to your bath for a sense of luxury.


Let me know how this works for any of you or if you find other variations that you enjoy! 

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