The most recent thing I have added to my list of 'things I must own' is a print (or, be still my heart, an original... drool) from the amazing Katie Rodgers. For one thing, we share a namesake. Katies rule... I'm just going to throw that out there. Secondly, her art is like something out of a dream. An incredible water-colorist, her work is beautiful, whimsical and inspirational (I'd be lying if I said I didn't look for a cheap set of watercolors online after reading her blog).

As a fashion illustrator, she has been commissioned to do work for Kate Spade, Paul Mitchell, Coach and Target — just to name a few, so you may have seen her art before. If you haven't, or even if you have, her blog Paperfashion is where she shares her work. Beautifully embellished with with glitter or sequins (sometimes both), her watercolors will haunt the fashion lover in you. Even more so if you have a love for vintage. To me, her pieces represent a more glamorous time and I can't help but think of Grace Kelly for some reason. Also, I would like to point out her insane ability to control the glitter in her work. Take it from me, glitter can be a difficult medium to control, yet some how it almost looks like each singular piece of glitter was placed intentionally.

Check out some of her beautiful art work below, then head over to Paperfashion and spend some time clicking through her blog in a beautiful glittery trance.

Isn't she beyond adorable and talented?!?

Check out Katie's blog here!
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